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Experiment with various web development technologies and frameworks, to learn how to create fast working prototypes and build sites quickly.


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Click the large triangular refresh button to get a new statement. The design references the symbol for the throat chakra, the area of the subtle body associated with self-expression and creativity, which seemed fitting.

It occurred to me that a google spreadsheet would be perfect to use as a teeny and easily updatable database, so I figured out how to set up the document, publish and connect to it as a JSON feed. It's a bit experimental, and might not work everywhere, and certainly won’t work in older browsers.

Take a look at the data to see the starting point for the statement. Basically, a script will take a random item each from column 1, column 2 and column 3, and put them together into a sentence that is part brag, part impossibility, all nonsense.

About Me

Hello, my name is Clara Todd. I am a web developer and UX designer based in Cambridge, UK. I live with my lovely husband who invents arty things, our two tiny sons, a disinterested cat and three excitable chickens. Some of the statements generated on the main page are true. Most are probably false.

Would you like to know more, or get in touch about anything? @claratee on twitter. I'm not there often, but you can at least get my attention.

Clara Todd